Information Security & Governance

This website and all other audit websites on the Crown Audit platform are fully secured and meet all information governance and technological standards.

Information Governance (IG)

    • Data Protection Act registration (Crown Informatics: z3566445)
    • NHS IG-Toolkit Statements of Conformance/Compliance (ODS Code: 8J157)
    • CAG Approved 'Section 251 Exemption' where applicable (See Audit Website)
    • IG Trained staff & Confidentiality Agreements for all staff handling confidential records
Technological Standards
    • 256 bit SSL Authenticated Website Certificates
    • Encrypted Storage & backups
    • Physically secured data centre meeting ISO27001
Further details may be obtained from
    • The Information Security Officer, Crown Informatics Limited. (Website and Audit Platform enquiries)
    • The Audit Project - Refer to the audit details. (Audit Project Management, Clinical & Operational enquiries)